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CSM-Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene

CSM-Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene
Product Detailed
Product name: Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene Rubber Product abbreviation: CSM Product character: CSM is a kind of white or ligh

Welcome to concerning about special rubber –

Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene Rubber



About the Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene Rubber


Being an outstanding member of the rubber series, chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber has unique characteristics such as aging resistance, heat resistance, flame resistance especially weather resistance, ozone resistance and chemical resistance which can not be competed with by any other rubbers. Therefore chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber could meet more rigor requirements in the following areas:


Aerospace aviation area

Military industry

Automobile industry

Wire and cable industry

Footwear industry

Rubber roller industry

Special hose, rubber fabric, adhesive tape industry


Remark:Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene Rubber is commonly known as Hypalon in our country. Both of them refer to the same kind of rubber.


Desription of Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene Rubber

Product name:Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene Rubber

Product abbreviation:CSM

Product character: CSM is a kind of white or light color elastomer, and it has the same character with raw rubber and also has its own property. It is soluble in aromatic and chlorine hydrocarbons. It is only swellable but insoluble in ketones and ether.The chemical structure bond of Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene is complete saturation. So vulcanizate has excellent ozone resistance, atmospheric aging resistance, chemical resistance, ionizing radiation resistance and color stability function, good physical mechanical function, thermal aging resistance, low temperature resistance, flame resistance, abrasion resistance, electrical insulation function and etc.


Product usage:

Different types of the product have different usage, the normal usages are as follows: all kinds of automotive hose, soft hose, compounding rubber, special rubber roller, seal, wire and cable, anti-corrosion coating, waterproofing membrane, special rubber fabric, adhesives and other special rubber products.

Package, storage, transportation and notices:The product is packaged by polypropylene woven bag with net weight 25kg per bag. The product should be stored in clean, dry, cool place. Rain, exposure should be prevented in transportation. It is forbid to mix with contaminated matter in transportation. This product does not belong to dangerous goods. The storage period is valid for two years.



Product Index


Auto parts

As a result of CSM’ s excellent processing function, higher tensile strength and elongation, good aging resistance, oil resistance, ozone resistance and etc. It is mainly used in air conditioner, hydraulic system, exhaust control and fuel pipeline, power steering pipe, brake hose and vacuum hose in regulation system device of automobile. And it also can be used in spark plug, ignition line, sealed strip, steering wheel primer, and etc.

Rubber compound

CSM can improve the function by blended with other rubbers. CSM rubber can improve the processing function of rubber blends by being blended with fluorine rubber. CSM can improve the physical and mechanical function, thermal physical characteristics for vulcanized rubber by being blended with ethylene-propylene rubber. Rubber compound produced by adding CSM and isoprene rubber into EVA polymer has the features of sliding resistance, abrasionresistance, oil resistance. Vulcanized rubber produced by vulcanized after CSM is mixed in extruder with PVC and PU that can has a improved features of oil resistance, ozone resistance and etc. CSM can improve the function by being blended with many rubbers so as to not only make up the deficiencies of other rubbers, but also make their excellent functions performed fairy well . All these can be performed by the rubber products which have high requirements in functions such as tyre, conveyor belt, shoes, cable, veneer, rubber hose.

Wire & Cable

CSM has excellent abrasion resistance and heat resistance so that it is often used in cover materials of wire and cable. Otherwise, because of its low water absorption, oil resistance, flame resistance, weather resistance, sunscreen, anti-ozone, anti-corona and other features, and even because of its color security feature, it can make cable sheath with different color to distinguish all kinds of usage and functions of cables. Besides, the ultraviolet radiation resistance function is quite good. CSM cable sheath can meet the standard of IEEE, so that it has been used in nuclear power station.

Soft Hose

When soft hose industry has special requirements, CSM soft hose will be used priority. Because it has excellent features of chemical resistance and low permeability to water and fluoride cryogen. So it is often used as various types of air-conditioning hose material.

Waterproof Rubber Fabric

CSM has the property of self-vulcanization and anti-microbial growing. So it is often made into reinforced waterproof rubber fabric for reservoir storage, river levee, roof waterproof and etc. Meanwhile, because of its good chemical resistance, it has been widely designed in waterproof layer of Chemical industrial water treatment pond.


CSM has unique properties. The anti-corrosion coating made from CSM is widely used for its unique function.

The features of Chlorosulfonated polyethylene anti-corrosion coating’s:

Excellent shielding character, flat and smooth finish paint, non chromophore gene, strong adhesion, film formation at room temperature, fast drying and thick film of one time formation, it can reduce the construction procedure and small solvent volatility, light environment pollution;

Ozone resistance, ultraviolet radiation resistance, excellent anti-oxidant and anti-nuclear radiation, as well as significant weather resistance and aging resistance;

Excellent anti-acid, anti-alkali, anti-salt, anti-chemical gas and other anti-chemical corrosion functions;

Excellent flexibility and low temperature resistance, excellent water resistance, moisture resistance, mold resistance, grease resistance, and solvent resistance, and it can keep bright color;

It can be widely used in surface of heavy metal and cement structure both indoor and outdoor, and plays a role of anti-rust and anti-corrosion. It can be coated many areas in different environments, for example, railway, bridge, high-voltage transmission tower, container, offshore drilling and oil extraction equipment, various vehicle chassis, heavy machinery, ship equipment, pipe, gas tank, sewage pool, nuclear power plant equipment, chemical equipment, pipeline, ground, storage tank, port, and etc.


CSM can be used as joint mixture, PU foaming surface, insulation material, adhesive foaming products and etc. And CSM also can be used in waterproof membrane or waterproof and heat insulation rubber fabric and etc, because of its special properties of excellent waterproof and heat insulation and ultraviolet radiation resistance. Meanwhile, CSM can still keep thermoplastic in roof construction, and can be glued together with other stuff avail of heating to joint with each other. There aren’t any other synthetic rubbers that have this excellent mixture function.

All Kinds of Colorful Rubber Products

The product is nearly black if it is made of SBR, NBR, or EPDM to keep weather resistance, especially ultraviolet radiation resistance. However, bright color products can be made if using chlorosufonated polyethylene rubber, and it has excellent functions of sunscreen, weather resistance, ultraviolet radiation resistance, non fading easily and etc.

Rubber Roller

Chlorosufonated polyethylene rubber has good functions of wear resistance, thermal aging resistance, oil resistance, ozone resistance, chemical resistance and etc, especially excellent machining processing function, higher tensile strength and elongation. The rubber roller made of chlorosufonated polyethylene rubber with its unique function is widely used in steel-making, printing and other areas.

Waterproof Membrane  

Chlorosufonated polyethylene rubber waterproof membrane is an elastomer waterproof material with CSM as its main raw material, and it is produced by added proper auxiliaries. Its main characters are as follow:

1 As there is no double bond in CSM’s molecule structure, and it has a high degree of saturation, therefore, waterproof material is made of CSM as main raw material is particularly prominent in the functions of ozone resistance, ultraviolet radiation resistance, weather aging resistance and etc. It is an unparalleled new waterproof material with any rubbers or plastic products that have double bond structure.

2. Long elongation and good elasticity. It can adapt to the change in basic level flexibility or cracking and deformation needs. It has flame retardancy. CSM rubber has high quantity of chlorine from 23% to 45%, in the process of burning, waterproof membrane’s tongue of flame can self-extinguish when the fire left. So it has good flame retardancy.

3. High and low temperature function is good. Membrane can be long term used from -29 to 90 degree, and it can keep good flexibility and good corrosion resistance. Membrane has excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt resistance, and other chemical functions.

4. Colorability is good. Different pigments can be chosen to make waterproof membrane that isn’t easy to fade according to customer’s requirements, and laid by single layer exposure with bright color. Membrane can be used for cold construction with little pollution and simple technology.

Other Applications

Chlorosufonated polyethylene rubber has the general character of rubber and also has excellent character of itself, and it is not only used in the over areas, but also can be used in trailer tarp, hot transmission belt, raincoat, boat cover, aircraft cabin canopy, inflatable structure (rubber boat) and other areas.

CSM-Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene

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